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Port Macquarie Koala Hospital marks 45th birthday  Port Macquarie News

Supporters have gathered to celebrate the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital's 45th birthday.

One Rwandan's surprising idea to protect wildlife: Recruit poachers  Yahoo News

As a boy growing up in the late 1990s after genocide, Emmanuel Mugendashyamba ventured into the protected rainforest near his home, a mountainous region ...

Take a look as two bald eagles are released by Tamarack officials  YourErie

It was a celebration of recovery and new beginnings as Tamarack Wildlife Rehabilitation Center released two bald eagles at the Lake Erie Community Park.

Cinder, bear cub badly burned in 2014 wildfire, is killed by hunter  USA TODAY

Cinder, the bear cub who survived burns sustained during a wildfire in Washington state in 2014, was killed by a hunter, officials say.

This bear cub miraculously survived a wildfire in 2014 — only to be shot and killed by a hunter years later  Edmonton Journal

'We realize that once the animals are set free, they're open to what's out there, whether it's humans or other animals'

2 bald eagles released in Erie region - News  Burlington County Times

Sriracha and Equinox were released into the wild after rehabilitating from illnesses at Tamarack Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center in Saegertown.

Oregon aquarium plans a $4.75 million rehabilitation facility for sick or stranded sea animals  KUOW News and Information

Injured, sick or orphaned seals, seabirds and turtles could get a second chance in a state-of-the-art rehabilitation center if the Oregon Coast Aquarium succeeds ...

CROW Calendar of Events  Island Reporter

Editor's note: The Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife's Visitor Education Center will close on Dec. 24 at noon for the Christmas holiday.

Wolf Hollow staff treat swan with lead poisoning  Islands' Weekly

Submitted by Wolf Hollow Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.

Ten feelgood environment stories you may have missed in 2018  The Conversation AU

Yeah, we get it – environment news can be depressing. So here are ten uplifting stories from 2018 that prove it's not all doom and gloom out there in the natural ...