Wildlife News


Eagles soar after release but one is recaptured after eye injury  Madison.com

Four eagles nurtured back to health by the Raptor Education Group in Antigo took flight Saturday but one is injured after flying into a wooded area.

'Wild goose chase' on for bird living at Winnipeg car wash  CBC.ca

Instead of heading south for the winter, a Canada goose has been squatting at a Winnipeg car wash, leading a lot of neighbours to come for a gander.

Rescued seal recuperating after days alone on ice in Port Caledonia  Cape Breton Post

PORT CALEDONIA, N.S. — A seal that spent days alone on the ice is now tipping the scales at a wildlife rehabilitation centre. The male harp seal was rescued ...

Rare black vulture currently visiting Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre has a few odd habits  Cape Breton Post

HILDEN, N.S. — It sounds like a creature from a fantasy novel. It lives a long life, is cloaked in black feathers and emits acidic vomit when accosted by an enemy.

Fox with injured jaw rehabilitated, released in Wyoming  Bradenton Herald

Veterinarian successfully rehabilitates fox injured in a trap in western Wyoming.

Mysuru Zoo’s Youth Club spawns a generation of conservationists  Times of India

Mysuru: The year was 1992, and the nation was in the midst of a socio-economic churn that was to alter its destiny irreversibly.

Children's theme park? No, it's the new paediatric centre at NUH  The Straits Times

With its playgrounds, colourful design and pictures of animals, the new paediatric centre at the National University Hospital (NUH) can be easily mistaken for a ...

This Hawaiian tree snail is the first extinction of 2019  Down To Earth Magazine

George, of the species Achatinella apexfulva, died on New Year's Day, 2019.

Fishing pond still low  Salina Journal

Water at the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism Kids Fishing Pond remains low and will stay that way until repairs are made on the KDWPT ...

Whales prepare for new home in Iceland  China.org.cn

Shanghai Changfeng Ocean World's most popular stars, two female beluga whales named Little Grey and Little White, gave their last public performance on Jan ...