Lost and Found!

At the Virginia Beach SPCA, our wildlife emergency team
mainly uses Internet communication to respond to wildlife emergencies in our
area. The other day, our wildlife referral line volunteer posted that someone
had found a small parrot in their yard. They tried to capture it and it bit
them. So, a post for assistance went out.

Even though we specialize in wildlife rescue, we love all
living things. Karen, one of our wildlife rescue volunteers, drove to the
caller’s home and captured the bird. It was cold and frightened. Lucky for the
bird, Karen has birds of her own, so she took it home and set it up for the

In the meantime, I searched the Internet and eventually
looked on our local Craig’s List and…. someone was missing a conure (a small
parrot) in the same vicinity that Karen had rescued this bird! I called Karen;
she called the people who had posted to Craig’s List. The people drove to
Karen’s home and identified the bird as their pet!

The conure, named Mario is now back safe and sound in his
home, thanks to the quick action of the Virginia Beach SPCA Wildlife Program

~ Pam